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We embody. We learn. We release the idea of failure, because it's all data.

Welcome to The Haystack where finding a needle in a haystack is as easy as a click of a button. Join blockchain innovators to gain insights within your own supply chain!

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Advanced Solutions

The most transformative changes in sustainability related risk assessments and mitigation are happening right now. Adopting blockchain solutions for supply chain analysis can provide revolutionary transparency. This way your company or business can learn about how to be more sustainable and ethical by learning and assessing unknown and unseen inefficiencies, inconsistencies and errors. 

This is your opportunity to gain valuable insights that seed change and allow for more sustainable business models that benefit stockholders and stakeholders alike. 

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Who we are

At The Haystack we believe that our industries and businesses can exist in balance. Individuals, consumers, businesses and companies are making a difference through interpersonal, collaborative action and choice. Our aim is to help! 

Supply chain analysis through blockchain technology can aid the reconciliation of our economic systems with the ecological laws that protect our planet as well as the social laws that distribute means and services equitably. 

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Our Technology

Advanced Solutions

At The Haystack clients can gain access to our innovative algorithm that directs the use of blockchain technology for the purpose of supply chain analysis. 

Our technology provides visibility and transparency within supply chains so that your business can properly address sustainability related risks and gain insights that allow for more sustainable business models and that attract a socially conscious consumer base. 

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

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